Relationship Issues

Relationships don't come with instructions...

...and we often don't have the tools to understand and manage them well. It's not unusual for our relationship expectations to go unmet, leaving us disappointed.

Whether you long for a close friend to share in life's adventures and challenges, a renewed connection with a family member, or a partner to love and be loved, the counselors at Light the Way Counseling can help you discover and better understand yourself and your past relationships so that your future relationships are healthy and enjoyable.

We Can Help You:

  • Understand how past experiences and relationships may have shaped your current perceptions and expectations
  • Identify patterns of thinking and core beliefs about yourself and others that may contribute to your difficulty establishing healthy relationships
  • Find the courage to be vulnerable in relationships so that real intimacy can develop
  • Establish and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Overcome anxious, negative thoughts that hinder your ability to see yourself as worthy of love
  • Develop your capacity for ease in relating to others